Civic Ambivalence Has Lit A Fire Under The Marlins

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When it came to the Marlins stadium deal you had the ardent fans (all 600 of them) and the people who stood to make bushels of money rooting for it, and a bunch of rightfully concerned civic watchers hoping for its defeat, but when things were said or done the resounding response that spread through much of South Florida was "Jeez, whatever Marlins, have your fancy new stadium, but can you at least play half way decent?"

Well it seems that this cynical ambivalence has lit a fire underneath the fish, and they currently --wait this can't be correct, could it?-- have the best record in the MLB with seven wins and one loss.
Yep, the Marlins destroyed the Braves last night in the second game of their series 10-4, and are off to the best season start in franchise history. The immediate future looks bright too. They have another game against Atlanta tonight before heading off to DC for another series with the horrible, terrible no good Nationals. We could maybe, possibly, theoretically be 11 and 1 by Monday. Yes, six of those maybe, possible, theoretical wins come because the Nationals suck, but let's not split hairs.

Then they face the so-far mediocre Pirates next week. Will they be able to keep their winning ways alive? Don't ask me, (a streak of series against the Cubs, Mets and Phillies will be the true test of whether this early winning sprout is a fluke, which it may very well be). And let's not forget, they started off last season pretty decently too, but ended up third in their division by the end.

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