New Photos of the ShamWow Guy/Hooker Fight Aftermath

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via The Smoking Gun

Remember all of those laughs everyone had over Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow guy, being arrested for beating up Sasha Harris, an alleged prostitute, on South Beach in February? Well, the Smoking Gun today released 14 graphic photos, apparently obtained from the Miami Beach Police Department, documenting the aftermath of the confrontation. They aren't too funny. Both Shlomi and Harris are shown bloodied in the hospital, while Shlomi's $750-a-night suite at the Setai is pictured messed up and adorned with blood-stained sheets. Most of the blood seems to have came from Shlomi's tongue, which Harris chomped down on when he kissed her. Earlier that night, he had met Harris at Louis and offered her $1,000 for sex. Both parties have recovered, and no charges were pressed. However, these photos make you wonder what exactly you have to do to get charged with a crime in Miami Beach.   

[Smoking Gun: (warning: graphic) ShamWow: But Wait, There's More...]

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