FIU Reportedly Hires Worst Coach/GM/Human Being in NBA History. Welcome to Miami, Isiah!

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So, Florida International University canned its basketball coach yesterday after a 13-20 campaign, reportedly so the school can replace him later today with a man more hated in New York City than the Red Sox and Patriots combined: the one, the only... dramatic pause... Isiah Thomas!

via Wikimedia Commons
Riptide hasn't seen FIU's job listing for the coaching vacancy, but if this hire is true, they were apparently looking for that special someone who:

Sounds like a winner! Oh yeah, he also dissed Larry Bird, saying he got so much attention only because he was white, and charging that "if he were black, he'd be just another good guy."

In the interest of good blogging, Riptide is 1,000 percent behind this decision. F! I! U!

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