Thank You, 'Texas Monthly,' For The Best Allen Stanford Illustration Ever

Categories: Flotsam, News
via Liz Lomax 3D Illustration, for Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly has a new feature story out about disgraced accused Ponzi schemer and frequent reporter threatener 'Sir' Allen Stanford.

It's good, although ... cough, cough ... your very own New Times had a pretty good read on the same guy last month, if we don't say so ourselves. And we do.

But that illustration! It's more accurate than any photo of Sir Allen could hope to be: the island of Antigua made out of piles of cash, the wild, shirtless excess, the half-crazed look in his eyes.

Well done, Liz Lomax. Now we'd advise you to stay away from Sir Allen unless you'd like a good punch in the mouth.

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