Yes, But What Would This Teen Porn Be Called?

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Authorities in Key West uncovered a porno made by teens, some of age, but most under, and busted them on charges of child porn. Which is never funny ...except it kind of is because it's just teens having weird sex with each other, which they tend to do, except usually not on camera.

Anyway, we wonder what the teens planned on calling their porno. Hopefully they'd keep the time honored tradition of spoofing mainstream fair. We're not sure what it is the teens are watching these day -- it has been like four years since we were one, so long ago -- so we just made jokes using popular Disney Channel and similar shows. Yes, we already have a spot booked in hell.
  • Hannah Mounts Anna
  • High School Do-Her-Slow
  • Gossip Gurgles
  • The Suite Life of Sack and Ho-ey
  • One Tree Drill
  • The Adventure of Jimmy Neudong: Boy Penis
  • Kyle XXXY
  • The Secret Sex Life of the American Teenager
  • Camp Cock: Starring the Bone-us Brothers
  • Johnny Cumahala: Back on Whores
  • Jizzers of Waverly Place
We will feel horrible if and when some horrible details of this case become public, and its not a simple case of horny teenagers with bad parents. Ok, that is bad, but it's so common place. We're just holding a mirror up to you society. A fun house mirror, but still.

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