ESPN: Robert Marve Picks Purdue

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via Brian216's flickr
that after his particularly nasty breakup with the Miami Hurricanes, our former QB Robert Marve is expected to find comfort in the open arms of Purdue. 

There was talk last week that Marve was strongly considering walking on with Tennessee, but because UM wouldn't release Marve from his scholarship to play for Tenn he'd have to pay for tuition for one year. 

The Purdue Boilermaker, who play in the Big Ten, don't have quite the allure of the Vols or the Canes. Though, it's unlikely either Tenn or Miami will be in the hunt for a Championship during Marve's career anyway.  

So have fun in --where the hell is Purdue? Oh-- West Lafayette, Indiana, Robert. At least you won't have to deal with Randy Shannon anymore.

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