Only in Miami: Catholic Priest Sexy Photo Scandal

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Beach photos land priest Alberto Cutié in hot water with church - Breaking News - Dade -
via The Herald
Father Alberto Cutié has always been something of an oddity: a media-savvy, good-lucking Roman Catholic priest with a side job as a Spanish-language television host, radio jock, and newspaper columnist. His media ubiquity has earned him the nickname "Father Oprah," but now  his celebrity has backfired and he's landed in the gossip rags for shocking pictures of him canoodling with a bikini-clad woman on the beach. 

Only in Miami, right? It's like trite satire come to life. Like, I want to make jokes, but this is pretty much a punch line in itself. 

Archbishop John Favalora is scheduled to discuss the photos and has released a press statement that apologizes on behalf of the Archdiocese of Miami. 

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