Flea Market Rapper Geisha Has a Unique (and NSFW) Way of Dealing With her Enemies

Something tells us that if Shaquille "Kobe, Tell Me How my Ass Taste" O'Neal has heard of Liberty City flea market rapper Geisha, he's a fan.

It's Friday morning, as good a time as any to post the new ditty that has all the kids singing along... about arching up their backs and tooting up their ass, which we were not even aware was anatomically possible. By "not safe for work", we don't mean you'll get fired if your boss catches you watching this video. There's no boobs or anything- although there is quite a lot of prepatory booty-squatting and at around the two-minute mark, the videographer discovers the "pastel" feature and we're not sure what we're seeing from that point forward. No, the real danger is that, after watching this at work, your boss might ask you to do some menial task, prompting you to toss down your stapler and scream: "You don't want no problems, 'cause pussy ho, I'll solve them!"

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