Jeb Bush's Future Is So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

Categories: Politicks

So, um, yeah, a movement to draft Jeb Bush to again run for governor in 2010 is actually happening. As many as 34 Floridians support the move, as evidenced by the above photograph -- 22 of whom are actually voting age. But why are almost all the adults wearing dark sunglasses? Is this some sort of cult requirement, or are they obscuring their identities so as to not be made fun of at work?

No, but the idea that Jeb should return to Tallahassee makes perfect sense. As they point out on the website, "Our request is not without precedent... Another great Florida quarterback like yourself, Tim Tebow, is also returning to lead his team for a third title this year." Well, if Tebow can do it...

Jeb, by the way, says there is no chance he'll run again.

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