Rumors on the Twitter-nets: Mel Martinez to Resign Early

Categories: Politicks
Here's a prediction by national Republican political operative Roger Stone via PoHo via the St. Pete Times' Adam Smith's Twitter:

Roger Stone predicts; Mel Martinez resigns soon; Crist appoints caretaker - Jim Smith - and announces his candidacy for Sen.
A prediction by one guy posted on another guy's Twitter picked up from one alt-weekly's blog by another. How's that for a sound rumor? But Adam Smith is one of the state's most in-the-know journalists, and Stone is a knowledgeable politico.

Not only that, but in those 140 characters, we learn three pretty big, important things: Martinez resigns, Crist runs, and a known caretaker is appointed.

We're assuming the Jim Smith in question would be the Republican former Florida secretary of state and attorney general.

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