The Pro-Palestine Porn Star vs Howard Stern

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Porn star Sasha Grey specializes in making hipster boy's tight jeans even tighter. In addition to starring in skin flicks, she's a burgeoning alt-icon and has modeled for American Apparel, posed for fashion photographer Terry Richardson, appeared on the cover of Vice and stared in Steven Soderbergh's upcoming flick The Girlfriend Experience

Like so many hipsters before her, she's not afraid to make pro-Palestine statements, but she's gone far beyond just wearing a kafiyah. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone she proclaims that she, "wants to appear on [Howard Stern]'s program with a Palestinian flag wrapped around her breasts to confront the man she believes is a closet racist."

"Just tell me how much cock you can suck and how far you can swallow a hot dog. That's what I want to know. I mean, really. How dare you?," Stern replied on his radio show

Grey, who considers herself something of an intellectual (she loves existentialism, and her name is derived partially from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray), will be appearing all this weekend on South Beach at eXXXotica, which kicks of today. The irony of South Beach is that while the community has resigned itself to being comfortable with porn, they're particularly less friendly to Palestine. Of course, when Sasha takes the stage, I don't think anyone will have politics on their mind.

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