This Cuchini Camel Toe Pad Is a Thing, Unfortunately

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After Joe Camel was fired as the Camel Cigarette mascot, he was finally free to get that sex change he always wanted.
Most businesses aim for the type of viral advertising where their clever marketing materials go viral (hey, Burger King), but occasionally an actual product itself goes viral. Take the Slanket for example. The blanket with sleeves was so ingeniously stupid that the blogs couldn't get enough of it, but sometimes a product goes viral for all the wrong reasons and leaves us thinking, OMG, why is this even a thing? Like, seriously. 

The Cuchini is such a product. A device that's at appalling but maybe, ridiculously, really clever. Of course it had to come out of South Florida, and we kind of wish it didn't because, honestly, we cannot bear to blog about it.

See, the Cuchini is a pad that a lady tapes to the inside of her bikini or underpants to eliminate camel toe. The official site features all comic sans font, a cartoon camel in a bikini, and the tag line "our lips are sealed."

If you're not sure what camel toe is, well, you're lucky. I'd explain it to you, but I physically can't. Like, literally, my fingers will not let me type the words. Here, let me try: "Camel toe is when a lady's pajsdkas jskaaskvhf fkddfl Hey, Kyle's fingers here. Did you see 30 Rock last night? So funny, right?" See, they just go renegade and type whatever they want. Even if they'd let me, I'd probably barf all over the keyboard.

Anyway, Cuchini's website claims the product was invented by two West Palm Beach gals. We actually salute them, though, because as unpleasant as it has been to write about, the less camel toe we see -- and believe us, there's a lot in Miami -- the less complete, paralyzing discomfort we have to endure. 

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Kyle, are you a fag????  I can understand if the cameltoe was on a fat ugly chick but on a hot looking or even average looking girl it is hot and sexy.  I wouldn't doubt if you helped these two girls invent this.  How would you feel if some guy invented something where you can't get a decent look at the definition of some dude's sausage in his jeans, shorts, or whatever?  You would be upset. 

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