Alex Sink Wants to Give You Balls for Her Birthday

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Happy Birthday to CFO and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink. She is 61 years young today. What kind of birthday present do you get a politician? Why a campaign donation of course, but Alex's party has gift bags. Anyone who donated $20.10 (get it?) by he end of the weekend gets this colorful Alex Sink for Governor beach ball. But wait! There's more!

If you donate $65 today Sink will personally autograph the ball for you. 

But as an extra bonus the Sink campaign is offering one heart warming childhood story at no extra charge: 

We didn't have many vacations. But every summer, my mom and dad took us to the beach. It was the highlight of our year - something to look forward to all year long. 

In anticipation of our summer beach trip, every year my parents would give me a brand new beach ball on my birthday. It was a simple tradition, but one that still makes me smile.

So folksy, this Alex Sink is.

Bill McCollum's birthday is coming up on July 12. It's the big 6-5. What should he give as favors? Maybe cigars to celebrate his role as a House manager during the Clinton impeachment. 

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