Club Lighting for Your Bike Safety Needs

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LightLane Personal Bike Path.jpg
image via Coolhunting
We know there are lots of reasons Miamians haven't yet adopted bicycling en masse. Chief among them is the very real chance we could wind up as a hood ornament on someone's Escalade, followed closely by the fact that it is hard to effectively pimp out a bike. 

Well, here's a product that could potentially solve both of those problems: the LightLane personal bike path. The gadget isn't available yet, but the basic idea is that it harnesses the awesome power of "lasers" to alert anyone sharing the road that the few feet of pavement surrounding your bike is clearly yours. It also looks bad-ass, almost like those neon lights people used to put under their cars (which were just so bad-ass). The only downside we could see is the potential for Ecstasy-heads chasing you down and demanding you do figure eights for their amusement. 

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