Dave Aronberg Really, Really Likes Rush (the Band, Not the Limbaugh)

Categories: Politicks
The Buzz takes there "5 Questions" video series to Democratic Attorney General candidate Dave Aronberg. The first few minutes are all blah-blah "this is why I should be elected stuff," then some talk about who has the bumper sticker advantage (?), but then at the 3:22 mark Aronberg takes time to address an issue close to his heart: Rush, the Canadian progrock band.

Continuing the vague theme of Florida politicians defending travesties of Rock and Roll justice, Aronberg thinks it's a total miscarriage that Getty Lee and Co aren't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

So Riptide is calling on Aronberg's AG primary rival Dan Gelber to support the obvious stance of the R&R Hall of Fame's greatest snub: Kraftwerk. We have a feeling defense of the electro pioneers might play well in Gelber's Miami Beach home base. 

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