Despite First Porn App for iPhone, Score Group Remains Wary

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Did you hear? You can now get titties delivered every day to your iPhone via a new app. The latest version of the iPhone OS includes parental controls, so Apple finally backed down and seems to be allowing a bit of porn in its app store. 

The application Hottest Girls sells for $1.99 and delivers more than 2,200 images of nude or nearly nude ladies to the iPhones of folks who need the abilitily and freedom to see nipples at all times throughout the day. wasn't all that pleased, though. Charlie Sorrel complained the app doesn't let users view a stream of pictures revealing a model slowly addressing (such a First-World problem), so it seems Hottest Girls could use some competition. 

Miami-based Score Group, which publishes magazines including New Cummers, Naughty Neighbors, and, um, Leg Sex, already has a similar app for Google's android smart phone OS. 

A Score Group representative told Xbiz that "[Building an app] sounds a lot more interesting now that it's allowed, but we'll want to do more research on it. We'll definitely be more willing to develop an app, but we'll definitely want to find out more."

We suppose Score Group's hesitance is good news for any local girls who have posed for the company. It reduces the chance of their dad awkwardly finding their pictures on the iPhone they got him for Father's Day.

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