FIU: Big Donation, Big Tuition Hike, but Religious Studies Spared

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First the good news for FIU: There's brand new school of medicine, which accepts their first class in August, just picked up a hefty $20 million donation from Herbert Wertheim. The donation was first offered 3 1/2 years ago, but he got in a little quarrel with former President Mitch Maidique over installments, but now that Maidique is out of the way Wertheim is ponying up. 

The Religious Studies program, which was previously hanging on by, well, a prayer will also be continued. In part, thanks to the Dalai Lama who has agreed to help raise money for the program. 

Now for the bad news, at least for students: Tuition is going up 15%. Sorry. The increased tuition will also help the Religious Studies program stay afloat, though.

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