Graffiti Crew Pays Homage to Our Best of Miami Awards

Categories: Art, StreetWorks
This year, we bequeathed our first-annual "Best Barely Legal Art Blog" to graffiti "online exhibition" We wrote:

Browse the site -- named for graffiti crew Miami Style Gods -- for a while and it becomes clear it's operated by, and is a meeting ground for, Miami's most prolific illegal artists, from Crome and Crook to Atomik. The photos posted constitute a de facto hall of fame for some of the most skilled local wall work... It's a daily updated finger on the pulse of a naturally reclusive subculture.
I guess we should've expected this: MSG has immortalized the award on a local wall, which makes us feel proud... and strangely nervous. Does this make us an accessory?

All photos courtesy


One thing is now official: We are definitely more bad-ass than the Herald.

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