Is The Cat Killer Actually a Team of Cat Killers on Wheels?

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Up until now we've imagined the cat killer as an Anton Chigurh-like character solitarily roaming the streets of South Miami-Dade looking for his next victim, but CBS4 reports that now police think a team of cat killers may be at work. 

More than 60 tips have come into the Crime Stoppers line, and police have new leads in the case, and a prosecutor from the State Attorney's office is now working on the case. 

Police now believe the killings could be the work of a team, and that the cats could be picked up in a car, killed somewhere else, and then returned. This is because almost no blood is found at the scene. 

18 of the 33 killings in the area dating back from April 15th are believed to be the work of the cat killer or killers. Though police have ruled out at least two of the seven deaths that have happened in the last three days as part of the spree, the others are still under investigation. 

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