Kyle Bellamy: UM to White Sox

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When fans at the University of Miami's Mark Light Stadium heard the first ominous tolls of AC/DC's "Hell's Bells," they knew closer Kyle Bellamy would soon appear to finish the opponent with a dizzying array of sinkers and sliders. By drafting him in the fifth round on Tuesday, the White Sox hope to bring a little "Hell's Bells" of their own to the south side of Chicago sometime in the near future.

Kyle Bellamy

As a junior, Bellamy has the option of returning to UM for his senior season, a decision he has not yet made. "I am leaning toward signing; probably about 75% sure I will sign," said Bellamy. "If the package the White Sox offer me isn't good then I will have no problem going back to the University of Miami. I love it there. I love the teammates, coaches and atmosphere. It wouldn't be the worst thing if I went back to Miami."

It would certainly be best for us. For another seasson, the team would get the All-American closer back in Coral Gables, where he posted a minuscule 0.97 earned run average while converting every save opportunity he was given. Holding hitters to a .147 batting average, Bellamy found himself in the running for numerous awards such as the Stopper of the Year and Golden Spikes, college baseball's Heisman trophy.

Even Bellamy is a bit blown away by his success this season. "It's unbelievable. I always thought I would do good and have a successful career at UM but never this successful and this good. Kinda scares me a little bit," said Bellamy.

He did struggle his way to an 8.68 earned run average his freshman year, but it was in the fall of that season when he developed his unique side-winding delivery that generates the movement he used to punch out 63 batters in just 43 1/3 innings this year.

"I was pretty much screwing around throwing like that and coach (JD) Arteaga saw me and we decided to try it out and it worked out good," said the 6-foot-4, 220 pound Bellamy. "Best decision I ever made."


Bellamy looks up to Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, but figures he will be a middle-reliever or setup guy at the pro level. "A lot of closers are throwing 95-plus with another plus pitch so you usually have to be a hard-thrower," said Bellamy, the owner of a fastball that has been clocked between 88-92 miles per hour. "It has been a dream of mine to one day play Major League baseball so whatever they need me as, I will be happy to do it."

Now that he is close to becoming a member of the White Sox, Bellamy has to refrain from rooting for his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. But old habits die hard. He couldn't think of any Major Leaguer in particular he wanted to strike out, but when pressed, he settled on one Yankee. "A-Rod would be nice."

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