Pitts' Theory that Conservatives Think They're Oppressed Black People Immediately Confirmed by Conservative

Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. was in fine form this morning with a column plundering a particularly troublesome line of thought amongst many conservatives that they're now basically an oppressed minority. 

Indeed, sometimes [the Conservative movement] feels as if it is no longer defined by principles at all, nor by energy and ideas, but rather, by a limitless ability to feel put upon and slighted. To be a conservative these days is, or so they would have you believe, like being black in Birmingham in 1952. It is to be the victim of media, culture and law, which hate you just for being.

Your first thought is to reason them out of it, but it is notoriously hard to reason people out of victimology because it: a) feels good, b) demands deference, c) relieves them of any responsibility for their own fouled-up condition. Victimology is as addictive as crack -- and as mentally damaging. 
Well, along comes conservative Republican congressman John Culberson, from the hell that is Houston, Texas (no offense to our brothers and sister at The Houston Press), to spew out some twitter bullshit earlier today that basically proves Pitts rights:


Can someone explain to Rep. Culberson that there's a big difference between between bigotry and democracy? At least this guy didn't make The Atlantic's list of top 30 twitterers.

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