Marco Rubio is the "Cuban Newt Gingrich"

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"Adam Guillette was raised to believe in limited government. When other parents were telling their children stories of Hansel and Gretel, Adam's father would tell him stories about the great achievements of Reagan and Churchill."

I am not kidding -- that is the first paragraph of Mr. Guillette's bio on the Americans for Prosperity website. He's now the executive director of the Conservative Leadership Political Action Committee, and today took to the Washington Times (the conservative paper owned by the Moonie church) to tell stories to his children (the wingnuts of America) about the great achievements of Marco Rubio. That's pretty much the main gist, but let's look at a few key lines. 

"Many Florida conservatives, however, have a very different hero -- Marco Rubio. Considered by grass-roots activists to be the "Cuban Newt Gingrich." 

Did Marco Rubio announce his separation from his first wife while she was in a hospital bed recovering from cancer surgery? Did an ethics investigation find Rubio guilty of intentional or reckless disregard for House rules? Did he resign his role as speaker because his party was just about fed up with him anyway? Maybe there are better analogies to be made than Newt Gingrich.

"One of the more revolutionary proposals was a Florida version of the fair tax to replace all property taxes with a sales tax increase."

This isn't so much revolutionary as one of those ideas some conservatives have wet dreams about that will never come to fruition. This is like saying a Democrat proposing universal health-care coverage is revolutionary. It's not -- the propositions happen all the time. 

"No one can look at Mr. Crist and view him as the future of the party. He's an "old white guy" and a populist. Mr. Rubio is a stark contrast -- young, Hispanic, and principled."

Strictly speaking, yes, Governor Crist is Caucasian, but he's not white. He's orange. Get your facts straight. Furthermore, though it's important both parties have leadership as diversified as the population itself, this idea of denigrating someone just because he's an "old white guy" is getting pretty tired, if not a bit racist. 

"Mr. Crist might speak like a conservative, but Mr. Rubio behaves like one. If anyone questions his credentials, he need only to walk in Mr. Rubio's office -- where a picture of Marco Rubio and Newt Gingrich hangs by his desk." 

Ha-ha, yeah. Let's all elect Rubio because he has a picture of Newt Gingirch in his office. Woo! If the truest test, in fact the final test, of anyone's political value is who's picture they have hanging in their office I'm taking a trip to Mt. Rushmore this summer with camera in tow and announcing my intentions for state House. 

The problem with Gingrich, and the problem with many of the Republicans left in power, is that they're big-mouthed grandstanders who went too far to the right. Florida voters, even of the Republican variety, aren't really worried about finding a messiah for conservatism at the moment. In the latest poll, Crist is beating Rubio with 59 percent of the vote. 

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