Miami New Times Editor to Predecessor: Back Off, Pipsqueak!

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I once thought Biscayne Times editor and publisher Jim Mullin was a principled, smart journalist. I don't anymore. 

Jack King's June commentary "Miami's Media Muddle" in the BT should embarrass both Mullin and the writer. It calls Miami New Times "a shadow of its former self," says the staff is "down to nothing," and asserts "the value of the editorial content is even less."

This is utter garbage.

First, because it is factually incorrect: The editorial staff -- which, by the way, is larger than it has been in years -- has won more awards in the past two years than ever before. We took the Investigative Reporters and Editors prize last year for the best investigation in America after breaking news of the sex offenders living under the Julia Tuttle Causeway. And we have delivered more than 40 state and regional awards, better than ever in our history. What has the Biscayne Times won? Ever?

Second, because the BT piece is ethically challenged. Not only did it fail to mention that after almost 20 years, Mullin left New Times in disgrace after the suicide of a local African-American politician, but also it didn't say that eight people listed on the masthead as "contributors" have received New Times paychecks. Perhaps bitterness drove the comments. But how would the reader know?

I guess Jack King forgot to call for a response. He might not know better. Mullin should.

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I will not comment on journalism, but as far as finances go, Mr. Strouse has had to deal with great reductions in retail and entertainment and real estate advertising as compared to when Mr. Mullin ran the weekly. It is disingenuous to compare Mr. Strouse overwhelmingly difficult job on the business and budget job to Mr. Mullin's era when money was simply coming in over the door, under the door, and thru the doors of the offices. And on the ethical front, to be honest, don't we all remember when a Mayor of Miami Beach's political staff got a totally negative article about his opponent not only in the weekly but on the front page and David Dermer, Kent Harrison Robbins, AC Weinstein, David Kelsey, and the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club let alone SAVE MIAMI BEACH wanted to lynch Jim Mullin for double crossing them and stabbing them in the back by deep sixing Martin Shapiro's Mayor's Race?? Political influence ran rampant on and off during the Jim Mullin Era, or has everyone forgot?

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