So, There's Some Art You Should Look at in Wynwood This Weekend

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Is there seriously no blog who does a preview of Wynwood Second Saturdays anymore? Are we totally missing something? We searched around in the Miami Herald blog aggregator (so useful) and found nothing. We'll we're a "blog," we could do that. I guess.

Deciding to do this at 3:00 pm on a Friday doesn't exactly guarantee a well curated, completely in the know round up, but maybe we'll get it together in the future. 

So yeah, it's June, six months away from our Basel, and the Basel Basel is in full swing right now. So the heart of the art world locally and internationally is elsewhere right now, but there's still some things worth checking out in Wynwood this Saturday.


A person we pay to write who actually knows what he's talking about, P. Scott Cunnhngham already wrote about Michael Genovese's first solo show in Miami "It's Not the Heat, It's the Humility" (one "hah") at O.H.W.O.W. here, but here's a pretty picture.    

The Bas Fisher Invitational is hosting You Are Always There With Us, the first solo show of Kathleen Hudspeth. You might remember her as the proprietress of The Next Few Hours. It's a collection of drawing and prints that address "the seemingly contradictory ideas of oppression and inclusion." More info here.
locust projectskate.jpg

Locust Projects moves to their new space in the Design District with Kate Gilmore's By Any Means, "a performance-based video and a site-specific sculpture in which the physicality of architecture and sculpture is pitted against the female body and will." More info here
Dorsch Galleryhfhfhffh.jpg

Dorsch Gallery is hosting F(r)acture: Divisions in Painting, featuring Alicia Gibson, David Marsh, Jordan Massengale, Patrick McElnea, Brandon Opalka, Jane Parshall, Carlos Rigau, Karen Seapker, and Kevin Van Gorp. More info here.

Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery is hosting Luna Park, a group show of six well respected Miami Artists. No preview images appear to be available, but it's a don't miss event for anyone who loves the artful application of lighting. The artists were invited "to produce functional lighting objects and/or realistic schemes for ambient illumination. In other words, they have been invited not so much to produce artsy, one-of-a-kind lamps as to develop well-thought prototypes that can be mass-produce and exist in the world much like any other designed object must." More info here.

Finally, Swampspace, a new space opening in the Design District welcome "What is Swampy?" More info on that here

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