Amputee Porn, Forced Implants, Urinals, S&M Sex Games: Police Release Ben Novack Report, and Boy Is It F'd Up

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From the moment that Ben Novack Jr. was found bludgeoned to death in a Rye Brook, N.Y. hotel room on July 12th, it was evident that the Fontainebleau Hotel heir had some pretty dark stuff in his past.

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His wife, Narcy Novack, who found his body, was at the center of speculation. Whispers arose of a bizarre 2002 home invasion at the couple's Fort Lauderdale mansion. But the Fort Lauderdale Police Department refused to release their report on that incident.

Until this week. Now the full report is on the web. And sweet sassy molassy were Ben and Narcy Novack into some weird shit.

Before we try to make sense of all the back and forth in the robbery at the heart of this -- Ben Novack told police his wife tied him to a chair and stole more than a million dollars with some mob henchmen -- let's just excerpt this little gem from the detective's report:

That afternoon Narcy Novack arrived at the police station. She was carrying several bags and boxes which she later stated were items taken from the house. She began by showing me a large number of photographs of naked and partially clothed women. Most of the photos appeared to be old. She showed me several magazine pages of women with artificial limbs. There were also photos of women with artificial limbs posing nude or partially nude. She went into a rather long and detailed statement of the sexual desires of Ben Novack. She insisted that he was into many different and unusual sexual 'games.'

Um, wow. I would say so. But amputee fetishes are only the tip of the iceberg in Narcy's statement.

She went on to describe the couple's S&M fetish and told the detective that "most of their sexual relations involve handcuffing each other to the reclining chair in the master bedroom."

Narcy added that Ben Novack had beat her violently in the past. Once, she told the detective, he broke her nose and then took her to a plastic surgeon. From the report:

She was put to sleep by the doctor and insisted that when she woke up, she not only had a nose repair, but also breast implant surgery. While she contends this was done against her will, she never made a complaint.

So violent S&M, bondage, forced breast implants, and amputee porn. Other than that, the Novacks were a pretty straight and narrow rich couple, right police report?

When I asked about the portable urinals found in the home, she told me that both she and Ben use them regularly while watching TV or to avoid getting out of bed in the middle of the night. She said that Ben will not get out of bed if he wakes up his cat and therefore uses the portable urinals.

OK. So, amputee porn, forced breast implants, violent domestic abuse, portable urinals for peeing in bed, and a gang of mobsters led by Narcy Novak to steal millions from her husband. Could the detective in this case get any more confused? Yes, it turns out:

I also believed that, as confusing to me as it is, the two would get back together in the near future.

And so they did. Seven years later, Ben Novack ends up bludgeoned to death in a New York hotel room. Police are still investigating the death and Narcy Novak has proclaimed her innocence, telling the Herald that the case is "getting wilder by the minute."

Riptide can only imagine what this final police report is going to include.

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