Calling All Speedy Chihuahuas

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via Green Kozi's flickr
Normally racing ins't very adorable. NASCAR? So not adorable. Sweat soaked marathoners in lycra? Typically not adorable. Mud covered BMXers? Totally not adorable. 

Chihuahuas? Muy adorable! 

PETCO is calling for the fastest chihuahuas in South Florida to their tracks. The fifth annual chihuahua races are set to start in August, with the Miami heat taking place 9 am August 15th at the PETCO in Doral. The winner gets a two night stay in New York City for the finals as well as three months worth of pet food. Register here

Bring you chihuahua. We'll be the creepy guy in the back trying to hold in tears caused by the adorableness of it all. 

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