Fort Myers Beach Fires Manager Over Porn Star Wife, But Aren't Porn Stars People Too?

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Jazella Moore, wife of Fort Myers Beach's ex-town manager.
The town manager of Fort Myers Beach was fired because it was discovered his new wife has a career as a MILF porn star. The funny thing is that, by all acounts, Scott Janke was a competent, responsible manager and the town council had no other qualms besides the fact that his wife has been worked over on-camera. 

Apparently, the town council got wind of the news when a porn industry news site filed a report last week. It didn't make it into the mainstream news until today, when he was fired during an emergency meeting. 

"It's a matter of how effective he becomes after this situation -- how much disruption there is," said town Mayor Larry Kiker. 

Well, Mayor Kiker, we'll never know whether his wife's activities would effect his job, because you fired him. I'm guessing they probably wouldn't. 

The funny thing is, Kiker probably didn't want some media nightmare if this was revealed in a mainstream source. However, the dramatic emergency meeting called to fire Janke virtually guaranteed that. Because the media loves porn stories. We're all a bunch of perverts. 

But why do we even care that people do porn anymore? It's 2009. We live in the age of sexting, XTube, and YouPorn. Do you know how many people can be seen naked, if not fucking, online these days? Way too many people, including a lot who shouldn't be, but that's beside the point.

And here's a shock: People who choose to do porn shouldn't be chased out of town, their jobs, and, in this case, their spouses shouldn't either, just because they're porn stars. There are a lot worse sins in the world. 

Porn stars are people too. If you prick them, do they not bleed? If you hurt them, do they not cry? If you fuck them, do they not cum? Well, obviously they do, but don't you too? 

The funny thing is, Fort Myers Beach isn't exactly the sleepy beach town everyone is protraying it as. 

To give you a bit of context, yes, Southwest Florida is a bit uptight. Lee County, where Fort Myers Beach is located, has handed tickets to guys wearing Speedos on the beach. But Fort Myers Beach's downtown area is SWFla's one sad attempt at trying to be cool. There's a strip club, a Hooters, nightclubs, tattoo parlors, and head shops. 

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