SoBe Security Guard Fired over Interview with New Times

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Last week, we brought you the story of South Beach security guards who are trying to unionize for better pay and benefits. 

Three-fourths of the Security Alliance rent-a-cops riding around Lincoln Road signed a petition to join the SEIU, but only one was willing to talk to Riptide on the record. 

Richard Ruiz, who rides a bike patrol around the Beach, told us the company had lied to him about a pay raise and intimidated his co-workers not to support the union. "People are scared," he said.

Apparently for good reason. A few days after New Times published Ruiz's interview, Security Alliance fired the two-year employee. 

"I was fired when they found out I was speaking out and wanted a union," Ruiz says. "Employers shouldn't stop decent people from trying to have a better life."

SEIU has filed a federal complaint over Ruiz's firing.

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