Bruce Weber's Liberty City Is Like Paris to Me Debuts on Sundance Channel This Month

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via Sundance Channel
Google Image search "Bruce Weber," and it might be easy to dismiss the photographer as a bit obsessed with nudity in black-and-white. After all, Weber is responsible for just about every softcore porn-style image associated with Abercrombie & Fitch, not to mention a few Calvin Klein underwear campaigns. But the part-time Miami resident might be one of the most important active artists that calls the city home. 

He's already shown his love for the town by shooting a special edition of L'Uomo Vogue here and bringing the streets of Overtown to the pages of Anna Wintour's ultra-posh American Vogue. But not all of his work is meant to sell pricey attire. He once was responsible for a moving collection of images that captured the story of Haitian immigrants. As a filmmaker, he has directed the Academy Award-nominated documentary Let's Get Lost.

Later this month, the Sundance Channel will premiere his latest short film, Liberty City Is Like Paris to Me. Shot in the neighborhood during Inauguration Day, the film premieres August 27 at midnight on Sundance as part of Bruce Weber Month. The film will also be available online. 

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