Miami Beach PAL Vice President Says No Talking About Porn, You Dirty Board Member

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Last week, New Times, being the sex-crazed maniacs we are, brought you a story about a muscleman porn star named Bruno Diaz. The Hispanic stud is the manager of the PAL gym and was caught bumping and grinding in some pretty hilarious '90s gay porn. All of this sent Miami Beach Police Athletic League members into a tizzy. Their complaints basically went like this: Blah, blah, blah, anal sex ten years ago! Blah, blah, blah, kids are next door!

(After the article ran, several readers wrote letters to call New Times homophobic. They said we implied Bruno was a pedophile because he's gay. But seriously, guys, we wrote the same thing about a straight porn star. Exhibit A. See? We are equal-opportunity scandalizers.)

To follow up, here are a couple of internal emails from the PAL board discussing the Bruno situation before the article ran. Looks like one member was asked to resign after showing naked Bruno pictures at a meeting.

The first email is from board member. He explains the subject came up in early June. It begins:

A Past PAL President brought to the Board's attention that a PAL employee, who is employed at the PAL gym was a former porn actor whose materials are still being marketed on the internet. It was explained that when the employee name is "Googled" on the internet, one is exposed to pornographic photos of him. Questions were raised about proof of the allegations. The Past PAL President behind locked doors in the presence of only Executive Board members discreetly produced the printed Googled evidence to the vice president who was asking for proof. The Executive Board agreed that this is not a proper image for PAL or a proper person to be present in our PAL building that has hundreds of children attending it daily.

Then came this one from PAL Vice President Lori Freedline. It was sent June 7:

I would like to ask that the following be added to the agenda for Tuesday's PAL Board Meeting: The removal, for cause, of a member of the Executive Board for not only bringing printed pornographic material into the PAL building, but circulating said graphic pornographic material in the kitchen area of the PAL building (999 11th Street, Miami Beach, FL)....Not only was this an unforgivable and unacceptable act, but there were numerous elementary school children in the PAL building at the time, any of which could have seen this material or heard the discussion regarding it.

So let's get this straight. Everyone wants to be all proper and stuff -- for the good of the children. But that means nobody is allowed to even discuss the dirty movies? This whole thing keeps getting weirder.

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