Fake Hooker Who Exposed ACORN Is an FIU Journalism Student

Hannah Giles -- the 20-year-old FIU journalism student, minister's daughter, and fake hooker who, along with an accomplice, exposed some ACORN offices' habits of offering business advice to pimps and hoes -- is garnering praise from Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and even Jon Stewart.

Giles and a male accomplice, posing as a prostitute and a pimp, visited four (yes, four) ACORN offices and asked for legal advice -- which they received. In a Baltimore office, a worker told them to list their occupation as "performance artists" on their tax returns and even went as far as to tell them to claim as dependents 13 underage Central American girls that the two pretended they were illegally bringing into the country to work as prostitutes.

In response, the Senate voted earlier this week 83 to 7 to withhold funding from the group.

ACORN has called the workers' actions indefensible, while a Florida official from the group said Giles and her fake pimp tried to do the same thing in Miami but were turned away.

As for Giles, some are accusing her of playing "gotcha journalism" (in an interview with Glenn Beck, she admitted she got the idea because she didn't like ACORN and thought it was a group of thugs that was taking "her" tax money), while others are calling her and her partner "The Right's Bob Woodward."

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