Hooker-Beating ShamWow Guy Hires Mercedes-Slamming PR Flack

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I don't know if Vince Shlomi -- the ShamWow pitchman who met a hooker at Louis at the Gansevoort and took her to his room at the Setai, where she promptly tried to bite his tongue off and he responded with a few blows to her face -- ever really had much a positive reputation in the first place, but after that incident, some rebuilding is in order. 

So, whom did he hire to mastermind the PR behind his comeback? Lizzie Grubman, the rich, bleach-blond Manhattan PR maven who once plowed her Mercedes SUV into a crowd in the Hamptons while she allegedly screamed, "Fuck you, white trash!" 

Never mind the fact that this is all very weird, but why does a guy who's job it is to basically do PR for a fancy towel need to hire his own PR person? 

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