Miami-Dade Cops Raise Reward for Horse Killers; We Post Gross-Out Photos

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On Wednesday, another horse was stolen and slaughtered in Miami-Dade County. The cat killer is officially passe. Yesterday, the Miami-Dade Police Department raised its reward for information about the horse killings to $7,000 -- and that's in addition to the $5,000 the Humane Society is offering. That's 12,000 reasons to start snitchin' on any and all pony-eaters within your Fave 5.

Miami-Dade agriculture crimes detective Mario Fernandez, a lead investigator of the horse slaughter, tells Riptide he's closing in on several arrests. "I can't talk about it now, but it won't be long," he promises.

As if you're not creeped out enough by this whole thing, check out a few photos from one of the early killings. The horse belonged to a Northwest Dade farmer named Ivan Rodriguez, and it was found picked to the bone by birds. "It was definitely slaughtered for its meat," says Fernandez.


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