As Baby-in-a-Garbage Bag Trial Begins, Disgraced Doctor is Still Practicing

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You can bet there'll be plenty of riled up, sign-waving pro-lifers outside the Miami-Dade courthouse Friday. One of the country's most gripping abortion trials will begin at 9 a.m. And Riptide has some new info to add to an old case.

Back in 2006, an 18-year-old mother named Scyloria Williams went to a clinic in Hialeah called A GYN. The almond-eyed teenager was four months pregnant. Nurses inserted an instrument into her vagina to prepare for the abortion, and she came back the next day for the procedure. The doctor -- a gray-haired man named Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique -- never showed, and Williams unexpectedly went into labor.

So, according to police, an unlicensed nurse named Belkis Gonzalez stuffed the newborn into a plastic biohazard bag, and threw it on top of the roof. (Read a fascinating New Times article about it here.) 

florida department of corrections
Belkis Gonzalez
​Cops charged with her with unlicensed practice of health care and she pled not guilty, Now she'll grace our county courtroom and a jury will decide.

The court date got Riptide thinking: Whatever happened to the good doctor Renelique? As it turns out, Florida authorities took his license away early this past year for hiding medical records linked to the case. But he's still practicing medicine. According to New York State Medicaid Inspectors, he's an OBGYN in Albany. (View the document dated June 2009 here.)

Mothers up north might want to Google search the guy before trusting him with their cervix.

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