Conservatives Dream About Charlie Crist Dropping Out of Senate Race

Categories: Politicks
The steady stream of right wingers trying to rain of Charlie Crist's parade continues, with some conservative have wet dreams of Crist switching races and retreating back to re-election to his Governor's seat.

The chatter started with The Herald's political blog reporting that one, unnamed Crist supporter "speculated" that Crist might be considering a retreat, which lead to's Erik Erickson, who calls the governor "Obama's favorite Republican," to pop a boner over the idea. He declared that conservatives need to keep supporting Crist's more conservative challenger Marco Rubio to "teach the GOP Establishment a very serious lesson."

Teach them what exactly? That Republicans can tear down one of their most popular, and relatively scandal-free governors in one the biggest states just to prove that the GOP is a small tent party that only appeals to hard line wing nuts?

Though, their campaign seems to be working. Crist's approval numbers seem to have significantly slipped, and there's rumors of a Chamber of Commerce poll that shows Crist with only 44 percent of the GOP vote to Rubio's 30 percent.

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