Dennis Rodman: Tickety-Tack Tranny Hot-Mess Out-of-Control Super-Tranny from Transylvania

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Dennis Rodman: 1, 2, 4, 3. None of these bitches look better than me. (click to enlarge)
Last night's Pink Dress Collection fashion show at the Eden Roc was for a good cause -- the Susan G. Komen for the Cure -- so we're sure Dennis Rodman meant to look as ridiculous as possible to guarantee maximum coverage. OK, we'll gleefully play along. 

Seriously, the former NBA player took to the catwalk looking like either the lost sixth member of Vogue Evolution or the new drummer for Of Montreal. We know he suffers for fashion or whatever, but Rodman don't care what bitches say, he don't even look their way. He took the night. Indeed. (Hey, two semi-obscure lyrical references that don't even make sense together, but if Perez Hilton has taught us anything, it's that when writing about celebs, nothing needs to make sense as long as there are pretty pictures.) 

Rodman's post-show look didn't differ much: switching out his glittery tank top for another but keeping the makeup and hat. Click through to see that, or view the entire slide show from the night, with photos by Jipsy, here
Jipsy/Miami New Times
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