Intelligent Miamians Answer UN Leader's Call to Action

Alex Izaguirre
Just when I think all is lost in this chaotic, transient subtropical paradise I call home, some of my homies give me hope. They've demonstrated that Miami-Dade does have people who care about the world around them and are willing to raise awareness about making the world a better, safer place for all of us.

Hats off to Tim Ronan, Michael and Lucia Landsberg, Diana Patino, Amy Mendizabal, David Saint, Gavin McKenzie, Mark Diaz, Bamboo Barry, Alex Senf, David Muriel, Alicia Triana and New Times food blogger extraordinaire Jacob Katel who have answered United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's YouTube message to the world.

Tim Ronan
This crew of eager builders, designers, and creators came up with the Box, 12-foot-tall mobile video booth where you can video record your own personal message to the UN General Assembly that is currently in session. Your footage will be posted as a reply video to Ki-Moon's original YouTube post.

The UN will pick five posters to go on a special guided tour of UN Headquarters in New York City, have their photo taken with the secretary-general and receive VIP seating at the UN Day Concert on October 23.

The Box will be at the News Lounge tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. So head over to 5580 NE Fourth Court and do your part to get involved and get ahead. But if you can't make it, don't fret. The Box will be popping up in other locations throughout Miami-Dade before the UN deadline this Saturday at midnight.

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