Is Katharine Cue Really a Hialeah Girl? The Proof Is in the Documents

Alex Izaguirre
Over the past 15 days, I have written several blog posts questioning the residency of Hialeah councilwoman Katharine Cue.

I reported how her driver's license and city documents, including forms she filled out with her own handwriting, showed she actually resided at 19195 Mystic Pointe Dr. in Aventura when she was appointed to the city council last November 18.

The city charter requires a person to live in the city for one year prior to their appointment or election. All an appointee or candidate has to do to prove residency is show the city clerk a voter registration card.

But what if the information on the registration card is not true? Well then, that would be voter fraud, dear readers.

In the case of the 22-year-old councilwoman, her card has listed Hialeah as her home base since she first voted in 2005 even though her driver's license clearly stated her address was in Aventura.

These stories have generated responses from anonymous commentators questioning the veracity of my reporting. Some people have even said I've written lies. And they have demanded proof from me. So here it is, folks:

Katharine Cue's voter registration lists her home address at 360 W. 50th St., a residence owned by George Fuente, whom Cue claims is her father-in-law.

Here we have Cue's driver's license history. Note she did not change her address from Aventura to Hialeah until 2007, two years after she voted in Hialeah.
Version 1 of Cue's resumé, in which she lists 19195 Mystic Pointe Dr., Apt. 2309, as her home address.
Version 2 of Cue's resumé also lists 19195 Mystic Pointe Dr., Apt. 2309, as her home address. I'm beginning to sense a trend here.
On February 21, 2008, the City of Hialeah sends Cue a letter to her address at 19195 Mystic Pointe Dr., #2309
On March 5 last year, the city sends her another letter to her Aventura address.
On May 11 last year, Cue fills out her employee contact information form and -- surprise! -- puts down 19195 Mystic Pointe Dr., #2309, as her home address.
And finally, we have Cue's payroll authorization form, dated November 24, 2008 -- five days after she was appointed -- which lists her address in Aventura.
So there you have it. If it waddles like a pelican, squawks like a pelican, and flies like a pelican, it must be a pelican.

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