Jennifer Lopez, Most Evil NFL Owner Ever, Caught with Amateur Porn Star at LIV

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via Kim Kardashian
As Congressman Steve King reminded us yesterday, Jennifer Lopez is a horrible, horrible human being who has amongst other crimes against humanity, promoted "the sexual abuse of women, ...the n-word, verbal pornography, [and] recreational drug use." King was absolutely irate that that dude she's married to was allowed to own a tiny, tiny portion of the Miami Dolphins while Rush Limbaugh, who is so lovable and friendly he is practically a human teddy bear, was not allowed to buy the St. Louis Rams.

Now Jennifer is seen here arm in arm with Kim Kardashian, star of a "leaked" sex tap, Playboy model, and general ruiner of culture! Quelle horreur!

Actually J. Lo was holding a party for her the release of her new video and comeback single, "Fresh Out the Oven."

The only real crime against humanity committed here is that no one bothered to get a photo of these two from behind.

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