Meet the Latest Guy Busted For Selling Horse Meat in Miami-Dade

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Miami-Dade Corrections
As you read this, Miami-Dade cops are making another arrest in relation to the rampant horse killings that have made headlines for the last year. Agriculture Crimes detective Mario Fernandez, a lead investigator of the phenomenon, tells Riptide that the squirrelly fellow on the right, 33-year old Eddy Lucio Guerra, sold horse meat to an undercover detective, which is never a good move. He'll be the fifth suspect arrested for killing horses for meat in the last three weeks.

The cops were originally targeting his dad, 53-year old Eddy Gustavo Guerra, who already has an animal cruelty conviction on his record. But Pops told an undercover cop that "selling horse is too hot right now," says Det. Fernandez. After the detective had left, though, Eddy, Jr. called and said that if his dad wouldn't make the sale, he would- unwittingly taking a jail-time bullet for his old man.

An undercover cop made two buys from South Miami's Eddy Lucio Guerra, says Fernandez, buying 10 and then 20 pounds of horse meat from him for 5 dollars a pound. The detective believes that Guerra bought the doomed horse at auction, but doesn't rule out that the meat-peddler had stolen animals to kill in the past. "These guys are opportunists," Fernandez explains. "They might buy horses at auction one day, but if they see a chance to steal a horse for meat without getting caught, they'll do that too."

Guerra, who will be charged with selling horse meat for human consumption and violating his probation, already has three felony convictions on his record, for credit card forgery, burglary, and grand theft. Cops are arresting him as he meets with his probation officer. 

By the way, if some reality TV producer isn't already working on Miami-Dade Agriculture Crimes Unit: The Horse Force, we're calling dibs now.  

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