Update: Miami Cops Looking for Suspect in Early-Morning Taco Rage Shooting

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Around 3:40 this morning, a 20-something black man in a white SUV rolled up to the Taco Bell at NE 79th Street and Sixth Avenue with a serious jones for some cheese and refried beans.

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​Big problem: The Taco Bell had already shut down for the night. When the man rolled up to the drive-through window, an employee told him as much.

Undeterred, the taco-craving fiend demanded fast food. Again, he was turned away.

Furious and completely lacking in third-rate Mexican cuisine, the man pulled his SUV around to the front of the store and idled in the parking lot. 

When a manager opened the door to again explain the restaurant had closed, he opened fire, says Det. William Moreno, a Miami Police spokesman.

A female Taco Bell employee fell to the ground with a gunshot wound in her leg. The white SUV peeled away, Moreno says, and cops are looking for clues.

Have any idea where to find the Taco Rage Bandit? Call 305-471-TIPS.

Update: Police just released surveillance footage of Miami's angriest Volcano Burrito fan. Click through for the photos.

Courtesy Miami Police Department
Courtesy Miami Police Department
Courtesy Miami Police Department

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