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  • City of Miami Commissioners may have promised to keep taxes low, but they're upping most fees by 5%. The includes parking. [Herald]
  • Michelle Obama is expected in Miami next week, and will be the featured speaker at a luncheon at the Freedom Tower. [CBS4]
  • Upside to the recession? Since travel is down, delays at local airports are also down. [Herald]
  • However, the route between Miami International and Atlanta is still the third busiest in the country. [AJC]
  • The Apostolic and Prophetic Conference will kick off tonight at American Airline Arena, and includes those guys who claim they can heal you with a lot of shouting, showmanship, touching and, of course, Jesus. [Herald]
  • The accused Cat Killer is expected back in court today. [CBS4]
  • It's fall, so now is the time it's supposed to be getting cooler? Wrong, thanks to a heat wave. [CBS4]

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