NFL Warns of Snubbing Land Shark Stadium for Younger, Sexier Super Bowl Venues

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Just last week we pretty much concluded, "Well, we might never get an Olympics, but at least we get to host tons of Super Bowls and BCS championships."

But now, according to The Herald, the NFL is calling into question our ability to host future NFL games, and rubbing it in that the BCS might not want us for much longer. The problem is Land Shark stadium may no longer be up to snuff. The 22-year-old stadium doesn't have the fancy retractable roof or HD lighting like other stadiums.

In the short term, there's no hope for a new stadium. First of all, where would we build it? Secondly, no one is going to gear up for that just yet after the political battle that occurred over the Marlins Stadium. Yet, the Marlins Stadium provides a an opportunity for some upgrades. Once the Fish are out of the way, it gives the Dolphins more time to construct upgrades. I'm not sure what the current front office is thinking, but before Huizenga sold he had talked about adding a retractable roof after the Marlins move out.

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