Perfume Bandits Get Caught On Camera

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Via Miami-Dade Police Department
Miami-Dade cops are on the hunt for thieves with a taste for Chanel No. 5. Last week, two men allegedly broke into a commercial warehouse at 320 NE 187th Street. They stuffed $100,000 worth of expensive perfume into a white Ford Van.

(Riptide likes to imagine the crooks have a stadium full of demanding girlfriends, and were trying to give them each a special little present.)

One of the guys is in his late forties, wearing a blue striped Polo shirt. The other is thin, in his early twenties, and wearing a black baseball cap. The warehouse belonged to a Miami Businessman named Bernard Klepach, who owns firms like Concession Miami, Duty Free Service, and In Flight Services USA. He's a boat owner and a John McCain supporter. Before robbing the place, on September 27, the burglars allegedly stopped at a nearby store to buy tools for the break-in, where cameras picked up their images. Tipsters should call 305-471-TIPS.

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