Daily Candy No Longer Sweet in Miami

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Daily Candy, the popular listings and shopping website, is cutting its editor in Miami and six other cities. Its daily emailed suggestions of things to do will reduce in frequency to twice a week....and its editor, Brooke Siegel, will be "splitting her time between Miami and New York," according to an email that you can read after the jump. .

Gawker dug up a memo that talks about is reporting that it comes as a result of "hard  realities" and the like. Read.We need more money!

The cutback comes just days after Comcast, which owns the service, announced the purchase of NBC Universal. Comcast bought Daily Candy last August for $125 million.

Reports say staff will be added in New York, where Daily Candy will continue to publish.

As you may have heard, DailyCandy is making some changes to its local content delivery.


Starting in January, 2010, in seven markets - Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Seattle - we will reduce the frequency of our e-mails to twice a week. We will continue publishing the Weekend Guide on Thursdays, and introduce a Sunday edition featuring local news, things to do, and recommendations for the week.  Subscribers in these markets will also receive our national Everywhere edition. 


As a result, we are eliminating the staff positions in these markets and creating contributing editor roles in their place. I will be moving back to New York to take over a new role overseeing these seven city editions.


I'll be splitting my time between New York and Miami till the end of January. I'll be sure to let you know who your local contact will be once I've transitioned. In the meantime, it's business as usual, meaning I hope to have a mojito with many of you before leaving this fair city.






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