Duck You, You Rubber Ducker!

Categories: Flotsam
Santa Claus is coming to the Shops at Midtown Miami (3401 N. Miami Ave., in front of Loehman's and West Elm) this Saturday, and he's bringing his rubbers.

Rubber ducky reindeer, that is. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Santa and his helpers will set up rubber duck reindeer races for Miami children. (We can only imagine "rubber duck reindeer" means reindeer the size, shape, and material of the traditional rubber ducky, and not some Frankensteinian combination of a duck and a reindeer made of rubber. We can also assume there's no "action" on these races. But if there is, I've got five on Daffy Reindeer.)

This is a great event for families. Or for people with rampant gambling obsessions, on acid.

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