Former Dolphins Cheerleader Named Playboy's Miss January

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Thirty-year-old Jaime Edmondson has lived something of an interesting life. Once a member of Boca Raton's police force, she quit to become a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. She parlayed that to a stint as a contestant on the 14th season of The Amazing Race, and now she's been chosen as Playboy's centerfold for January 2010.

Don't blame us for never watching The Amazing Race, but apparently she filled the villain role for that season, with Yahoo noting, "She hates it when people do not speak English... She's also ridiculously impatient, a yeller, and a huge embarrassment to her lovely teammate Cara."

She hates it when people don't speak English -- huh? What in the hell was she doing cheering in Miami then?

Anyway, we're sure she'd really appreciate if you head to your local bookstore and kindly ask the clerk (in English only) for a copy of her issue.

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