Highlights From Art Basel 2009: Part 1

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Nick Cave Soundsuit, 200 at Jack Shainman Gallery
Art Basel Miami Beach is perhaps one of the most overwhelming events modern culture has to offer, and the rearranged layout sure doesn't help make it feel like any less of a bizarre labyrinth through multimillion dollars' worth of contemporary art.

It would be futile to pick some sort of narrative to string everything together, so instead we'll highlight a few of our favorites this week.

We love studies of neon and bright colors on the a white canvas as much as the next guy, but when you see so many they kind of lose there whimsy. I mean seriously, what is it with Art Basel Miami Beach and Neon art?
Peter Liversidge Proposals for Miami #2 2009,
​Well, perhaps here's our answer.
Barbara Kruger, Untitled (All seeing/All knowing), 2009
Alas, not even Barbara Kruger is immune to art's love affair with neon.

Madeln Spread 023 2009 at ShangART
​There wasn't nearly as much political art as last year, but this is as good a visual representation of the challenges of the Obama administration as we've seen.

Madeln Metal Language 1 2009 at ShangART
​So yeah, we seem to like this Madeln guy. 
David Altmejd The Glaswalker 2006
​This is purely terrifying.

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