Highlights From Art Basel Miami Beach 2009: Part 2

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Dan Attoe's I'm Stealing Your ideas at Peres Projects
Congratulations, Miami, you've survived another Art Basel. Riptide dropped by the main fair  one final time late yesterday afternoon. Galleries had put out some new works since opening day, while some gallerists were literally counting their revenue, reportedly up from last year. That's not surprising, considering much of the work looked like it was meant to sell. Video works, which hit a peak a few years ago, were rare this time. Interactive works and anything burgeoning on "performance" were rarer. Surprisingly, even photo works seemed sparse. Instead, the galleries relied on attention-attracting 2-D works and sculptures.

After part one, here are a few more of our favorites from Art Basel Miami Beach 2009.

Cordon Cheung, Neon Shadows, 2009 at Jack Shainman Gallery
The mediums listed for this painting included The Financial Times as the painting was made over stock listings. It makes us wonder, if newspapers, in their traditional form, died, how would artists react?

Works by Herbert Volkmann at Contemporary Fine Arts
​Seriously, we could have done a post solely dedicated to works incorporating newsprint.

Yan Pei-Ming's Un dollar avec autoportrait en crane F56789604 H (2009) at David Zirner
If currency ever heads the way of the newspaper, we'll have bigger problems than wondering how the art world react, though money remains a popular subject (and in some cases medium). This piece, in particular, stuck out like a bad omen.

Bert Rodriguez In Your Own Image (2009) at Fredric Snitzer
One of the few local artists at one of the few local galleries.

Anne-Karin Furunes Portraits of Pictures IX (2009) at Galerie Anhava
This is actually a canvas covered in black acrylic with holes of punched in it to create the image.
​Note the Murakamis in the background at Perrotin, whose fair ID equally repped its Miami and Paris outposts. 

Who loves Frank Stella? We love Frank Stella. By the way, this piece carried a price tag of $90,000 at one of the few booths that wasn't shy in listing amounts.

Michalangelo Pistoletto Through the fence, him and her 2008 at Luhring Augustine
The subject matter of this painting is so universal it's almost like you can see yourself in it.
Hannah Wilke, Untitled (pink), 1977
Yes, these are supposed to look like vulvas. In fact, this is groundbreaking vulval sculpture right here.

​Laura Lima Sinistro (Biambo), 2009 at Galeria Luisa Strina. One of the few pieces that incorporated performance.

Richard Phillips, Most Wanted series, 2009
​Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chance Crawford were also included. 

Marc Quinn Thomas Beattie, 2008
​Why yes, this is a marble statue of a pregnant man. 

Kendell Geers at Stephen Friedman Gallery
​Why yes, this is a giant disco ball that repeatedly says, "Fuck." 


This was the only thing in its booth.
Wayne Thiebaud Untitled, 1966
Thiebaud is known for drawing cakes, but most of his work shown at Allan Stone Gallery was of people (many who looked like they have never eaten cake). 

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