Last Night: David Lynch's 'Dark Night of the Soul' At OHWOW

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Photo by Tim Elfrink
There's a reason David Lynch long ago joined the small pantheon of adjective-ized American artists alongside Hitchcock, Kubrick and Bon Jovi. (What? You've never heard a Bon Jovian song?)

The director's tightrope walk between macabre and mundane was plastered all over the walls of OHWOW last night in a show that, shockingly, was Lynchian to the max.

Eerily lit young women bled into tightly trimmed suburban grass. Smartly dressed '50s family units gathered around a Thanksgiving table serving a giant, terrified man's head. Men in tighty whities fled police officers armed with garden hoses.

The impossible to purchase collaboration between Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse -- called "Dark Night of the Soul," like the show -- only added to the Blue Velvet-aping feeling of unease. With guest vocals from the Flaming Lips and Frank Black, the tunes often struck a discordantly upbeat tone.

Click through for more photos from the show and OHWOW's other It Ain't Fair exhibits -- featuring the likes of Neck Face, Agathe Snow, and Julia Chang.

By Tim Elfrink
By Tim Elfrink
By Tim Elfrink
By Tim Elfrink
By Tim Elfrink

By Tim Elfrink

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